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The Other You. Our music is meant to bring you closer to another side of your personality, one that is happier, more creative and more aware.

We hope that you enjoy our music as much as we enjoy creating and sharing it with you, our listener!

Latest release


Get ready to ignite your spirit and surrender to the infectious beats of “Take Control,” our latest release. Our song envelops you in a whirlwind of euphoria, as we effortlessly blend captivating melodies with an irresistible energy. This track captures the essence of freedom and connection, urging you to let go and fully embrace the moment.

Its dynamic rhythm and modern production create an atmosphere that transcends boundaries, making it impossible to resist moving to the beat. Join us on a sonic adventure where the dance floor becomes a sanctuary for self-expression and uninhibited joy.

“Take Control” isn’t just a song—it’s an anthem that empowers you to unleash your passion and embrace the exhilarating power of music. Let the captivating sounds of The Other You take you on a journey where every beat becomes a heartbeat, connecting you with the shared energy of the crowd.


My lonely friend (radio edit)

We’re good at many things, but what we’re experts in bulding walls around us. This is exactly what we need to get rid of: these walls. It’s a decision. Or we might end up lonely and sad.

Of course it’s hard, of course we need to take some chances, of course we might get hurt. But what would be life without some bold decisions? What would be life without some people who love us? What would be life without some inner peace?

So, don’t be lonely…be my friend!


Days of my immortality

We’re adults. Now what? We work, we’re responsible, we take care of our lives. That’s fine, but what about our innocence, our joy?

What about those little things that make a life worth living? Are we in touch with that part of our soul? “Days of my Immortality” wants to be a bridge that links between our current life and our childhood sweet memories, when we were innocent, joyful, more authentic, when we were loved and cared by our beloved parents, who gave us their love.

Grab yourself a pair of headphones and fly with us in your past, in the days of your immortality.


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